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With over two decades of experience in high profile gardens

Andrew & his team know how to create beautiful gardens.

Our work includes:

  •  Garden consultations for hotels, restaurants, public gardens & heritage sites. 

  • Providing context sensitive planting to safeguard the fabric of historical buildings.

  • Designing green spaces for private houses & commercial clients,

  •  Consideration for the historical elements & spirit of place.

  • Greening rooftops & choosing stunning indoor plantings.

  • Teaching courses & guest lecturing.

Contact us now to arrange your free initial meeting

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Need a full design? We work with individuals, architects, business owners & governing bodies.



Landscaping finished? Let us help you find just the right plants for your space.

Navigating in Woods


Unsure in your garden? We've been consulted on hundreds of green projects, small to massive.

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